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Enterprise Cars are having an EV and Hybrid Sale! Electrify Your Drive with Unbeatable Savings on Used Hybrids and EVs!

Don't miss out on unbeatable savings on used hybrids and electric vehicles. Delve into our clearance sale and explore the perks of hybrid ownership—enjoy heightened fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and cost-effective ownership.

Act fast—the clock is ticking! Secure the Clean Car Rebate before it ends on December 31, 2023. Upgrade your driving experience with cutting-edge technology while maximizing your fuel efficiency and savings. Don't let this chance slip away—explore our clearance sale now and embark on a fuel-efficient journey into the New Year!

Don't miss the chance to claim your rebate and drive into the New Year with a sustainable and cost-effective vehicle.

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Not only are Hybrids better for the environment, but they also use less fuel and in April 2022, the NZ government started giving money back to buyers of environmentally friendly cars in the form of a rebate, which means you can save on the purchase price of a Hybrid too! Thinking of a buying a second hand hybrid? Here’s a quick list summary of some information that might help you with deciding whether a Hybrid car is right for you and your family. 

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Did you know that a petrol-electric car like a Toyota Aqua hybrid will be at least 30 per cent more economical than an equivalent petrol one, and often much more?

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Hybrid cars tend to retain their value well over time. As the demand for eco-friendly vehicles rises, the resale value of used hybrids remains strong, offering owners a better return on investment compared to some conventional cars.

Unlike some conventional cars that may experience a more rapid depreciation in value over time, hybrids tend to hold their worth exceptionally well. Buyers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency, and the overall eco-friendly appeal of hybrid vehicles. This heightened demand translates into a more favorable resale market for used hybrids, ensuring that owners can expect a better return on their initial investment when it comes time to sell or trade in their vehicle. In essence, the enduring popularity of hybrid technology contributes to the resilience of their resale value, making them a prudent choice for those looking for both environmental and financial sustainability in their automotive investment.

Go Green and Save Big

2013 Toyota Aqua Enterprise Hamilton

2013 Toyota Aqua

$10,999 +ORC
$ pw
2011 Toyota Prius Enterprise New Lynn

2011 Toyota Prius

$11,999 +ORC
$ pw
2011 Honda Fit Enterprise Gisborne

2011 Honda Fit

$11,478 +ORC
$ pw
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