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About Car Finance

We specialise in NO DEPOSIT car loans

Looking for fast, competitive car finance? 

We can help you with a used car loan. Setting you up with the right vehicle finance for your needs is what we do. Apply for a car loan online today or visit one of our Auckland, Hamilton or Gisborne Car dealership branches with onsite finance.

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Fast, flexible car finance:

  • No Deposit vehicle finance options
  • Terms from 6 months to 6 years
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments

Real people make our lending decisions – not computers. We get to know our customers, what they need and how their vehicle finance should best work for them. We’re proud of our role in the community, which is all about treating our customers the way we’d like to be treated. How can we help you?

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Why Choose our Car Finance?

Get in touch today if you:

  • Are shopping for a new car and want to know how much you can spend
  • Owe money on your existing car, but want a better car or a better finance deal
  • Are looking for No Deposit car finance
  • Would like to use your existing car as a trade-in
  • Have had a credit issue and would like to know what your options are
  • Want straight-forward, pre-approved vehicle finance, fast.

Whether you are self-employed, working, or a stay-at-home parent, we can help with competitive vehicle finance fast. In most cases, our car loans are more competitive than the banks. 

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Your questions answered

How do I apply for a vehicle loan?
Community Financial Services (CFS) - easily New Zealand’s friendliest vehicle lender - is our dedicated car finance company and exclusively look after Enterprise customers. You can apply online by clicking here or call 0800 88 2000, or you can contact one of our Enterprise branches directly.

How do I get a pre-approval on my vehicle finance?
You can get your pre-approval underway by filling out our online application form – click here. Alternatively, pop into one of our Enterprise branches - any one of them will be happy to see you.

Can I use my existing car as a deposit?
Yes, you can use your car as a deposit for your next purchase; even if you still owe money on it.

What will the repayments be?
This depends on how much you borrow, and for how long. Making sure your car loan payments fit your budget is very important to us. We don’t want our customers having to worry about school fees or Doctor's bills because their car payments are too high, so our team focuses on talking through the right options for your needs.

I have bad credit. Can I still get finance?
We understand that every now and then something goes wrong, and we can often look past some defaults. If you think you might have bad credit, it would be best to complete our online application form and let one of our finance managers see what we can do to help.

What paperwork will I need to provide?
To get a pre-approval, you simply need to complete the application form. On deciding to progress with your loan, you will need to provide: (1) three months of bank statements showing your pay going into your account, (2) your ID such as a driver licence, and (3) details of any other loans or payments you are making. Our team will talk through these details with you and you can either email them, or take them in to your Enterprise branch.

What about vehicle finance insurance?
It’s important to consider what financial protection you would need in the event that something happens, for example losing a job, illness or injury.

It is not compulsory, but we always recommend that you and your car loan are covered with our full protection package. This includes our 4-year Enterprise warranty, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Payment Protection Insurance policy (PPI) and a two year Vero motor insurance policy. You can choose to pay this as a separate cost, or include it in your vehicle finance repayments.

Our policies are arranged with Provident Insurance, who are 100% New Zealand owned.

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