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645, Te Rapa Road, Hamilton, Waikato

Cameron Sales Manager
0800 100 610

Cameron is a proud Waikato man, born and raised in Hamilton. It is here where he once kicked a ball around with his father and now shares the same bond with his own son today. “I love spending time with my wife and my little man, they mean the world to me.”

He also enjoys boxing, playing the drums and supporting local up and coming young sports people and musicians. “The comradery among friends and family in Hamilton is great! It’s nice to see people helping each other”

Cameron has been in the motor industry since school, so it is to no surprise he has a keen interest in classic cars, currently owning an old '69 Cortina as a Sunday cruiser (If he can get it started...!)

Upon meeting Cam you soon notice he’s genuine and a very down to Earth kind of guy.

“Life’s good”

Jason Branch Manager
0274 660 279

Jason is a relatively new Hamiltonian, arriving in 2008 having previously being a Wellingtonian, an Aucklander and a Rotokaurian.

He's quick to point out that being a Hamiltonian is his favourite. “I really enjoy being a Hamiltonian; our beautiful country scenery, the mighty Waikato River, which is the main artery giving life to our great city, the awesome people, and the best rugby team - go the Chiefs!”

It doesn’t take long to realise that family is Jason’s number one priority and if you ask him he will happily tell you about the small petting zoo of animals he and his family tend to on their little lifestyle block.

“Family is everything to me and it is their love and support that enables me to provide the energy and great service to other families and people of the Waikato."

"Go the Chiefs!”