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Sales Manager

Some people will know Tom as our Sales Manager, but many will know him as Tom, the Club Captain of the OBM rugby club.

Or Tom, the competitive ‘social’ cricketer!

Or maybe you know him as Tom, from Poverty Bay Legends Rugby, or it could even be Tom, from that morning radio show on Radio Ngati Porou.

It doesn’t really matter how you know Tom, because one thing is usually true: he knows you.

When I asked Tom what Gisborne means to him, his answer was typical of a born-and-bred East Coaster. “What can I say about life in sunny Gizzy? To me it’s all about family and lifestyle.

I’ve been here all my life, so have a connection with the region that has served me well over the 20-odd years I have been with Enterprise.

Then there is the weather, and where else can you get seafood only 5 minutes from home .... anywhere?”

It was when I asked Tom what the best thing is about Gisborne that he gave me the simplest answer: “What makes this such a fantastic place? The people”.

Q. What will I need to bring with me?

A. When you come in and see us, bring with you three months of bank statements showing your pay going into your account, your ID such as a driver licence, and details of any other loans or payments you are making.

Q. How much can I borrow?

A. This all depends on your personal circumstances such as your income and living costs. For a quick guide, try our affordability calculator or complete our online application form, and we will get back to you with a pre-approval and details of exactly what you can borrow.

Q. I have a Baycorp default. Can I still get finance?

A. We understand that every now and then something goes wrong, and we can often look past some defaults. If you think you might have bad credit it would be best to complete our online application form and let one of our finance managers see what we can do to help.

Q. Will I qualify for No Deposit car finance?

A. In most cases we can approve customers for no deposit car finance. To know if you qualify it is best to apply for a no obligation pre-approval by completing our online application form.

Q. What if I am buying the car to help a family member?

A. As long as you give us all of the details, we can often help. However, we may need that family member to complete an application form as well.

Q. What if I am on the benefit or get family support?

A. We have helped thousands of people who receive a benefit or family support to buy a car, The easiest thing to do is complete our online application form then come in and see us with a bank statement showing the payments going into your account.

Q. What if I still owe money on my old car?

A. That's not a problem - in most cases we can trade in your old car and pay off the old loan for you. We then simply deduct that amount you owe from your trade-in value.

Q. How do I contact Community Financial Services about my car loan?

A. If you already have a car loan with CFS you can call them on 0800 88 2000 or email

Q. Can i get a car loan with a learner licence?

A. Unfortunately, you will need at least a restricted licence to qualify for car finance. If you are able to upgrade and have a booking we may be able to approve you once you pass.

Q. I am already pre-approved with another finance company - can I buy a car from you?

A. If you have already been approved by either your bank or another finance company it is definitely worth talking to us, as we can often save you money on your loan payments! Just send your local branch an email and we will be in touch.

Q. Do I need the Enterprise full protection package?

A. While none of these policies are compulsory, they are definitely recommended as they help to protect you and your family in the event the worst happens. Talk to one of our finance managers to discuss your options - you would be surprised how much protection you can have for only a few dollars a week.