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Tom Sales Manager
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Some people will know Tom as our Sales Manager, but many will know him as Tom, the Club Captain of the OBM rugby club.

Or Tom, the competitive ‘social’ cricketer!

Or maybe you know him as Tom, from Poverty Bay Legends Rugby, or it could even be Tom, from that morning radio show on Radio Ngati Porou.

It doesn’t really matter how you know Tom, because one thing is usually true: he knows you.

When I asked Tom what Gisborne means to him, his answer was typical of a born-and-bred East Coaster. “What can I say about life in sunny Gizzy? To me it’s all about family and lifestyle.

I’ve been here all my life, so have a connection with the region that has served me well over the 20-odd years I have been with Enterprise.

Then there is the weather, and where else can you get seafood only 5 minutes from home .... anywhere?”

It was when I asked Tom what the best thing is about Gisborne that he gave me the simplest answer: “What makes this such a fantastic place? The people”.