No Deposit & $69 a week - Enterprise Motor Group

No Deposit + $69 a week for the first 6 months + on all vehicles!

Our easy start plan is here to help anyone looking to buy and finance an Enterprise Motor Group car. With No Deposit and weekly payments of only $69 for the first 6 months, you can start driving your new car and still have to time get on top of your finances.

How does it work?

  1. You apply for finance with Enterprise Motor Group and CFS Finance, this can be done online by clicking here or onsite at your local branch 
  2. If you are approved for finance, you can then find a vehicle that fits your budget
  3. For most of our customers the finance will be No Deposit, however there will be times that to make a particular vehicle affordable you could be asked to pay a deposit. e.g. we approve you for $8,000 dollars and you want to buy a $10,000 car, you can do this by paying a $2,000 deposit
  4. Regardless of which car you pick your payments for the first 6 months will be $69 a week
  5. After the first 6 months your payments will increase, the amount they increase by will depend on how much you borrow and for how long.
  6. Before you decide to take the easy start finance plan, you will be told exactly how much your remaining payments are and we will work with you to make sure ALL of your car loan payments are affordable
  7. The interest rate is fixed for the term, and interest is calculated through the entire term as usual which includes the $69 a week period. In the event that $69 a week is less than the weekly interest cost of the loan then the remaining interest charge will be capitalised monthly and repaid through the remaining loan payments.
  8. You can read a sample version of our loan agreement here to see the full terms and conditions of a CFS Finance loan
  9. All loan approvals are subject to finance company review and approvals are given in accordance with the CCCFA and responsible lending guidlines