Drive Easy: Why Our 4-Year Warranty Makes Buying Used Feel Brand New in NZ

Drive Easy: Why Our 4-Year Warranty Makes Buying Used Feel Brand New in NZ

18 March 2024 Buying A Used Car

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One of the reasons people pay the big money for brand-new cars is the warranty. They all come with anything from three to five to even seven years cover, meaning faulty components or defects will be repaired or replaced without any extra charge.

Let’s face it, any car can have its problems, whether it be fresh from the factory or used.

We can’t all afford the price of a brand-new car, of course. When buying used, there are ways to minimize the risk of breakdowns and repair costs, including buying brands that are recognised for their reliability and ease-of-maintenance: Toyota, Mazda and Nissan are very popular with Enterprise Motor Group (EMG) customers for good reason.

Some of the most common problems with used cars are also some of the most expensive to rectify: engines top the list, with transmissions, brakes, electrical systems and suspension also figuring strongly. Experiencing any of them doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve bought a lemon: cars are complex machines and they all go wrong at times. It’s what you have to go through to put them right that’s what matters.

There is also a way to achieve the ultimate in used-car-buying peace-of-mind: the EMG 4 Year Warranty, which we proudly claim is the best 4-year warranty in New Zealand.

When you purchase the 4 Year Warranty you are covered from day one.

It covers a huge range of mechanical and electrical issues. Many warranties exclude certain items such as clutch wear, rubber mounts, seals and gaskets, shock absorbers, airbags, power seats, climate control and electric windows; but all of these and many more are covered by the EMG warranty. A problem will be rectified at no cost to you other than the standard excess (similar to when you make an insurance claim).

The standard excess for petrol, hybrid and electric cars is just $100. For turbo and diesel cars it’s $300. But regardless of the vehicle type or powertrain, having the warranty means a problem that could potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix will only cost you the applicable excess amount. The bills are settled directly with the repairer, so you don’t have to pay and then claim it back as you do with some other policies. You’ll be back on the road with peace of mind again, because part of the EMG package is unlimited claims.

It’s not just the nuts and bolts that are covered, either. It’s a real hassle when you have a breakdown away from home on holiday or business; the 4 Year Warranty will cover up $1500 of car hire, accommodation or additional travel costs to minimise the inconvenience of car problems in an unfamiliar place.

Naturally, the ideal scenario is that you find the used car of your dreams, purchase it and enjoy many years of trouble-free motoring. That’s exactly what happens for the majority of EMG buyers. But with the 4 Year Warranty, you need never stress about the prospect of a breakdown or component failure happening.

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