Bay Bonanza Fishing Competition - Enterprise Motor Group

Bay Bonanza Fishing Competition

03 February 2014 Community News

Bay Bonanza Fishing Competition

It was a great turnout at the Enterprise Motor Group Bay Bonanza Fishing Competition, with 112 boats and 453 anglers competing!

Here is a full list of all the winners from the competition - congratulations everyone. A special mention must go to James Torrie who won $20,000 in the cash draw!

Well done to all, from the Enterprise Team.

Heaviest Marlin 1) Wattene Snell, with 111.0kg 2) George Spence, with 98.15kg

Heaviest Hapuku 1) Keaton Batt, with 27.2kg 2) Jason low, with 26.2kg 3) Debbie Currie, with 25.9kg

Heaviest Tarakihi 1) John Robinson, with 2.9kg 2) Toni Durston, with 2.640kg 3) Dave Lynn with, 2.320kg

Heaviest Snapper 1) Kevin Jordan, with 4.22kg 2) Craig Sutton, with 4.125kg 3) Boyd McGregor, with 3.940kg

Heaviest Kingfish 1) Craig Miller, with 20.25kg 2) Steve Cullingford, with 19.950kg 3) Steve Cullingford, with 17.36kg

Heaviest Trumpeter Ian Blair, with 12.85kg

Heaviest Albacore Andrea Gregory, with 13.290kg

Heaviest Junior 1) Tane Lincoln, with 19.24kg Hapuku, 2) Hamish Hamilton, with 16.9kg Hapuku, 3) Ashley Lewis, with 13.25kg Hapuku