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Grant Boocock of Printing House Ltd

15 August 2013 Customer Testimonials

Grant Boocock of Printing House Ltd

When I was in Gisborne a few weeks ago, I mentioned to Tom that it would be nice to meet with some of our local Gisborne customers to ask them if they would like to be among the first of our customers interviewed for the new website.

Tom said, “Come with me”, and we walked out of the branch and around the corner in to Printing House Ltd, where he introduced me to the owner, Grant Boocock.

After introducing myself, I asked one simple question, “So how do you like dealing with Enterprise?”

Grant responded, “Service from Tom or anyone is always good, and for me it’s all about keeping it loyal and local.

You see, with the internet it’s like this: we get people coming in saying you can get business cards cheaper online and that, but I ask them "what are those out of town companies going to be like if something goes wrong?" Not that anything really does, but I know Enterprise are just there and will look after me, and with a small business, repeat customers and loyalty means a lot.

It means that I’m going to talk about Enterprise if I need a car. I tell people, at least go and see Tom, because even if he doesn’t have it he can find you one.

For me, I think it’s the warranty that is one of the good things, and no one else really offers that. Even though we have later model cars, we’ve had the odd little thing go wrong and it's always been sorted. You get the warranty and you get the peace of mind”

Grant believes he has purchased eight Holdens from Enterprise but admits, “I’ve probably lost count; I’ve just bought everything from Enterprise over the years, starting with my ’87 VL V8 wagon that I still have in the garage at home”

Thanks for the time Grant, we really appreciate it.

Grant Boocock – proud Holden owner!