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Josh Talks about the Team out West

01 August 2013 Customer Testimonials

Josh Talks about the Team out West

Josh Stoneham is one of our loyal customers, and we recently popped out to see him at work, where he shared with us his experiences with Enterprise. Josh is on to his third car from us, with his first purchase a Mazda RX8. He then went on to trade that in along with a motorcycle to purchase a Honda Civic and an SS-Commodore.

“It was a good place to come and upgrade and also not have to worry about selling your other vehicle. Whether it’s a [motor]bike or a car they can do all that under one roof which helps. You don’t have to deal with Trademe."

Josh told us about his experience with Enterprise...

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else to buy a car. Great service; the warrantee is outstanding. The salesmen are real professional and the quality of the cars is real good too."

He went on to say,

“With second hand cars it’s hard. You’ve got to find something that’s already been put together; you can’t order it new and have a list of the features you want. [Neil, the Manager at New Lynn] has got good taste when it comes to buying cars - he really knows how to source them. I don’t know where he gets some of the cars he does. And price obviously, they are really competitive on price. You never know what he’s going to pull out when you’re in that office.”

Thanks for your time, Josh.

Josh - Nitrogenx