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Kevin Hollis of Kevin Hollis Glass

04 April 2013 Customer Testimonials

Kevin Hollis of Kevin Hollis Glass

After a visit to the OBM rugby club (which is proudly sponsored by Enterprise), I called in to see another loyal Enterprise customer, Mr Kevin Hollis of Kevin Hollis Glass.

Tom gave one instruction: don’t mention rugby, and as it turns out, I didn’t have to!

Sitting in the middle of Kevin’s office was the shield for winning the 2012 Poverty Bay Premier Rugby comp, for his club the Pirates!

The first bit of banter started as we walked in. “What do you think of our shield Tom?”, Kevin asked.

After a few minutes of comparing historical club results, I asked Kevin how many cars he had purchased from us.

“Ahhhh let me see... 1,2,3,4,5 – two new Navaras, two Safaris and a Honda”

And how have we looked after you?

“I’m extremely well looked after, I would never consider going anywhere else and would never consider buying from out of town”

And how do you like your Navaras?

“Great machines, good tow vehicles with plenty of torque. My son works out of his, as he is in forestry. He has it loaded to the hilt with tools, plus we take a trailer loaded up into the forest and you can only use 4WD”

Thanks for your time, Kevin.

Kevin Hollis – Proud Navara owner

Kevin Hollis Glass
446 Gladstone Road, Gisborne