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Matty and Turie White - from Customers to Friends

12 April 2013 Customer Testimonials

Matty and Turie White - from Customers to Friends

As a young whipper-snapper salesman starting out twenty years ago, all I wanted to do was sell a car. Being young and naive, this was all I was ever expected.

But when a chance sale turns into a lifelong friendship, you know you have done something right.

These are my lifelong friends Matty and Turie White; they are also my best customers.

Over the years I guess they have easily bought twenty-five cars from me, not to mention all of their family members who I have helped; they probably total another twenty cars.

I even remember the first car I sold them - it was a 1984 Ford Falcon manual in orange!

Since then they have driven all sorts, from Holden to Ford, Mitsubishi to Mazda, not to mention all different types of 4WDs. I think the only vehicle they haven’t had from me is a people mover.

When Matty and Turie come in they always know what they want, they’re always awesome to deal with and they know they will always get looked after.
You can't buy that type of loyalty these days; you earn it through trust, honesty and good service.

Tom Crosby – Enterprise Gisborne