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10 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Summer

31 October 2016 Learning Centre

10 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Summer

Finally, the warmer weather seems to be on its way. As with any change of seasons, it’s important to stop and take stock of the impact that the recent weather may have had on your car. With the seasonal change from winter to spring to summer, you may find your vehicle in need of some much needed maintenance. Here’s a helpful checklist that you can use to keep your car performing at the top of its game.

1. Check your fluids
A seasonal change is a great time to go through your car from front to back and check that your fluids are topped up and ready to take on the warmer weather. You should check the power steering, brake, transmission, windscreen washer fluid, coolant and water levels. Bear in mind that your power steering, brake and coolant fluids work in a closed system. If you find their levels are low you should investigate further as it could indicate a slow leak.

2. Change your oil and oil filter
Keeping clean oil running through your engine is one of the best ways of preserving it and keeping it functioning without trouble. A season change is a great time to change out your oil and replace your filter.

3. Check your spark plugs
Take time to check that your spark plugs are in full working order. Worn out spark plugs can have a big impact on your fuel efficiency, so they should be regularly checked.

4. Get your battery tested
If you have had a cold winter then you should definitely get your battery tested to make sure it’s charging properly. Cold temperatures can have a damaging effect on car batteries so summer is a great time to check their performance.

5. Check your belts and hoses
The rubber in the belts and hoses of your car can be negatively affected by cold weather in a variety of ways. If you want to be sure how they have weathered over the winter, you’re best to get an expert to take a closer look. Otherwise, you can look out for signs of damage or corrosion in the form of hardening, softening, leaking, cracks, blistering, looseness, frays, or glazing.

6. Review and replace your wiper blades
Your wipers are essential to your visibility and it is your responsibility to make sure you can see clearly at all times. Badly performing wipers may feel like an inconvenience but in fact they could present a hazard and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

7. Fix your windshield
Driving around on gritty roads in winter could leave you with a chip or two out of your windscreen. Summer is a great time to take a close look and see if you can see any damage. Catching damage to your windscreen early while it is small could allow you to get it fixed without having to replace the whole thing. Again, your windscreen is crucial to your visibility so pay careful attention to your line of vision in particular.

8. Check your lights
Lights are an important part of any health check for your car so include them in your summer checklist. Check both exterior and interior lights and be sure to test them for signaling and braking, as well as checking that the dipping function is working for full beam headlights.

9. Take a look at your tyres
If it has been a rough winter then chances are the conditions have taken their toll on your tyres. Get them checked out by an expert and make sure you have sufficient tread to make your car safe on the road. It is also a good time to check your tyre pressure to make sure your car’s tyres are inflated to the levels advised by your car manufacturer. Your car will not be fuel efficient if you don’t check, so correct the tyre pressure every month - mark it in your calendar.

10. Cast an eye over your paintwork
Summer is a good time to take a close look at the exterior of your car and look for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Start by giving your car a good clean to remove any remaining winter grime. Then take a close look for damage that could lead to rust if left without repair. This is where you need to focus to prevent small problems turning into bigger ones.


Summer is a great time to perform a health check on your car. It will help you understand the impact that winter and the colder weather has had on your car’s equipment and you should be able to keep your car in optimum condition with some careful checks and top ups. If you’re not confident going through the finer detail of your car’s engine and exterior, call an expert in to help. A summer service is a great way to set your car up for the warmer weather and ensure you’ll enjoy peak performance for those long awaited road trips.

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