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Fast Forward to the Future of Cars

28 July 2016 Learning Centre

Fast Forward to the Future of Cars

Fast forward to the future of cars – check out these features

Whether you’re planning your next purchase or you’re just curious about what the future has in store, you’re going to be amazed at where car technology is heading. We’ve asked the experts and here is our round up of the top car features for new models in 2016.

Smartphone entertainment integration
It is no surprise that technology is a key feature of new advancements. And if you’re looking for entertainment while you drive, you’ll be impressed with the interfaces now available that offer improved smartphone functionality. Many new models now allow in-car screens to mirror smartphones, thanks to either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Smartphone vehicle management
The partnership between your car and your smartphone gets even stronger with smartphone vehicle management. This can have a range of functions including locating your car, starting it, or getting reports on your car’s current status.

Good examples of this are the new My BMW Remote App that allows you to lock and unlock your car, sound the horn, flash the lights and perform various other functions. The MyLincoln Mobile App even allows you to start the car and consult with staff if you need to.

An end to parking problems?
For those who struggle to squeeze their car into the available space, the end to the frustration is in sight with self-parking technology. This has progressed so far now that the new BMW 7 Series features a video screen in its key fob that allows you to get out of the car and park it remotely if you’re trying to squeeze into a tight space.

More generally available technology signals an end to the challenges of parallel parking. The combination of external sensors, cameras and technology that’s built into the car means that cars can effectively manoeuvre themselves. Chrysler’s system is one of the most impressive, with certain models of Chrysler and Jeep now allowing drivers to benefit from both parallel and perpendicular parking assistance.

Driverless cars (almost)
The technology that will support driverless cars is coming on in leaps and bounds, and that’s becoming available now in ‘assisted driving’ experiences. This tech effectively allows you to drive more safely as cars automatically keep the vehicle aligned within a lane or increase your awareness of your surrounding environment.

Tesla has introduced the Tesla Autopilot for the Model S electric sedan. This system also allows you to change lanes effectively in autopilot by just using your indicator, and ensures that your speed reflects the traffic around you.

Another example is the BMW Series 7 Luxury Sedan that features Active Driving Assistant Plus. This has the added benefit of preventing you from changing lanes if the car spots another vehicle in your blind spot.

Augmented visuals: the evolution of cameras
Many new models of car offer improved visibility courtesy of exterior cameras. These are built into the exterior of the vehicle to allow better navigation and awareness of hazards. If you consider where you might have a blind spot when you drive or park, then this is where new cars are ensuring you have cameras watching out for you.

Lanewatch is now available in the 2016 Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V crossovers, and the Accord Coupe and Sedan. Lanewatch gives a video view of the passenger’s side of the car when you switch on your indicator, so you can be sure that there are no vehicles in the way of your manoeuvre.

2016 Ford Edge and Ford Explorer crossover SUVs now offer 180 degree front and back wide angle cameras. This is a great feature when your visibility is obstructed as you pull into and out of garages, driveways or side streets. And there are no worries about bad driving conditions obscuring your view because the cameras are self-cleaning with automatic lens-washers.

Keep an eye on the kids
For any parent who extends use of their car to their children, the next feature is a winner. Technology is advancing far enough to allow you to keep an eye on your kids - including an onscreen data report that details features such as distance driven and maximum speed reached. So next time they tell you they are popping around to a friend’s house, you can rest assured you’ll be able to check that they actually did.

Check out the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan and its Teen Driver feature. It’s one of the first on the market but we can expect to see a lot more monitoring of teen driving performance in the future.

Smart headlights
LED technology is transforming the way we light our home and is evolving in leaps and bounds in our cars as well. New LED headlights not only mean that you can enjoy a huge increase in the life of headlight bulbs, they also signal a likely end to the risk of driving with only one light active.

New technology also means that you can enjoy the benefit of automatically dimming headlights. So the improved lighting you can experience as you drive is less likely to dazzle the cars coming in the opposite direction. This is potentially an excellent benefit if you find yourself driving regularly at night and/or on rural roads.

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and taking a look at the top car features of 2016 gives an interesting insight into where the future of driving will take us. Most new features are only available in top range models or as extras that will be offered when you purchase your car.

Because extras increase the cost of your purchase, it’s always a good idea to check out what you can afford before you buy. If you’re in the market for a new car and you’d like to know what you can borrow, give our friendly team a call today. Click Here