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Get ready for your summer road trip

31 October 2019 Learning Centre

Get ready for your summer road trip

Summer isn’t far away and now is the time to start looking forward to lazy days at the beach and some relaxed summer living. If you’re planning a trip away why not start thinking about how you’re going to make your journey and get your car ready for the adventure.

From preparing your car for the road to some essential items that you might like to have onboard in case of an emergency: here’s our handy guide to getting ready for your summer road trip.

Take a good look over your car
Now’s the time to plan in some maintenance on your car to make sure it’s able to last the journey. If you want to be thorough then book in a full service with a reputable mechanic so you can be sure your car is in peak condition before you go.

If you’re not planning a service then a little DIY love and care should help you on your way. Check your filters and fluids and make sure your tyres are filled to the recommended pressure. If necessary treat yourself to a new set of windscreen wipers. Check that your lights are fully functioning and replace any broken bulbs.

Time for something new?
This might be the time when you decide that your car has seen its last summer road trip. If that’s the case, you might like to contact the team at Enterprise Cars and ask us about your car loan options. Your car loan can be structured to meet both your vehicle needs and your long-term budget. Our helpful team can help you work out the best options for repaying the loan at a pace that suits your plans.

Prepare for the unexpected
You might think that an accident is unlikely to happen but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for one. If you’re off to the beach then you might be surprised to hear how many people lose their car keys while they are on a summer vacation. Once lost in the sand valuables can be impossible to find, and then how will you get home again? Keeping a spare key hidden within the interior of your car will ensure that should the unexpected happen, you will at least be able to drive home again.

Consider your assistance needs
Many insurance policies include roadside assistance as part of the package of cover. If this isn’t the case for you, you might like to consider organising something before you set out on the road. If you’re planning to travel off the beaten track and your car breaks down unexpectedly, it could cause a major upset to your holiday plans. Roadside assistance means that you can rely on mechanical support if your car decides to give up the ghost.

Pack for an emergency
There is a wealth of emergency equipment available that could prove useful for your road trip. It’s up to you to work out what you do and don’t need and purchase accordingly. Here are some things that may prove useful if you find yourself looking for or waiting for help, or if you come upon an accident on the road.

1. First Aid kit
First Aid kits can be surprisingly cost effective and are a very handy thing to have available in your car. A simple trip to the park could result in a small child skinning their knee and needing some medical aid. On longer trips there are even more reasons why a first aid kit could prove handy. Remember to consider the specific medical needs of everyone you’re travelling with when you pack to go away.

2. Emergency blankets
Getting stranded is no laughing matter: including an emergency blanket in your car means that you’ve got guaranteed protection from the elements, should your vehicle cease to provide enough shelter.

3. High visibility jacket or vest
Whether you are assisting at an accident or dealing with your own emergency, a high visibility jacket will ensure that you are seen and reduce the chance of further problems occurring. These are easy to get hold of, relatively inexpensive, and are an incredibly useful piece of kit to keep in your car.

4. Some tools for survival
If you’re planning on going to remote locations then survival tools are a handy addition to your car’s equipment.
• Try to have some kind of light available whether through a phone or a torch or lit power-pack.
• Consider how you will keep your phone charged - an in-car charging kit is a good idea for long trips.
• In emergencies you may benefit from a battery pack. Larger battery packs are available that combine device charging capability with light and a vehicle jump-starting function.

5. Worst case scenarios
There is some emergency equipment that you buy and hope you will never have to use. A small fire extinguisher can be a very handy addition to the car, and is best kept in the front for easy access. The same can be true of an emergency escape kit. If you decide to purchase a LifeHammer, seat belt cutter and glass breaker tool, then make sure it’s within easy reach for a passenger trapped in the front of the car.

The summer road trip is a particularly enjoyable part of the year, and it’s certainly not a time for dwelling on everything that could go wrong on the road. It’s helpful to do some advance preparation before your trip away to minimise the chances of anything disrupting your holiday. By keeping the right equipment in the car you can be sure that if the worst does happen, you will be well prepared to deal with it.