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How to Buy a Car - the First Steps

29 June 2019 Learning Centre

How to Buy a Car - the First Steps

With so many different makes and models available these days, deciding what type of car to buy can be scary!

A good place to start is to think about what is going to be the most practical for you and your family. Here are some things to consider when you start thinking about buying a car.

If you already have a car, this can be a good place to start

  • What are you thinking of changing?
  • Does your current car no longer do what you want?
  • Think about what you need your new car to do. Does it have a specific purpose?
  • Do you need to tow anything?
  • Do you need to carry a lot of people?
  • What kind of things are important in your new car?
  • Remember, it is difficult to get a car that has everything, e.g., sporty, powerful, economical with 12 seats
  • Once you have an idea of what you need in your next car, consider your budget and how you will pay for it.
  • Do you need a car loan for part or all of the purchase?
  • What if your budget for payments?
  • How much deposit do you have or will you need no deposit finance?
  • How much will your comprehensive car insurance cost?
  • Often getting pre-approved car finance can be a helpful place to start.
  • Once you have done your homework it is time to go and look at cars.
  • Look online to learn about the different makes and models available that may suit your needs.

To learn more about the first steps to buying a car, download our free 'Car Smart Buyer's Guide'

It is full of helpful advice on topics such as:

  • NZ new or import?
  • Do kilometres matter?
  • Fuel economy
  • The basics of car finance

Plus so much more in 23 information packed pages.