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Changing Seasons

28 July 2014 Learning Centre

Changing Seasons

You should check your tyre pressure. Your tyres lose around 3-6% pressure every month, so you need to top it up regularly.


Make sure you’re not left stranded in the cold this winter. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re safe and ready for the colder months. Winter magnifies existing mechanical problems, so make sure you get your car checked and serviced.

It’s important you check your tyre tread at this time of year. If there is not enough tread then there is nowhere for the water under your tyres to go. The minimum required tread depth in NZ is 1.5mm.

If you drive through deep water and submerge your wheels, your brakes won't work properly. Make sure you pump the breaks a few times immediately after driving through water to dry them out and get them working well again.

Ensure your wiper blade rubbers are clearing water effectively. Wipers should only last a maximum of two years. You can get new ones for under $20, (depending on your car), so make sure you don’t put off replacing them.

Sunstrike is more likely to occur in Winter because the sun is lower in the sky. Clean windscreens will help if you get hit with the dreaded sunstrike. Dust and grime on the windscreen make the effects of sunstrike much worse.


Summer is the season of road trips. Extreme heat and long drives can be rough on your car.

Leaving your car unsheltered in high heat can be bad for your battery. Heat accelerates a chemical reaction in your battery which causes it to overcharge. The heat can also evaporate the battery fluid. These will shorten the life of your battery so try to park in the shade when possible.

The coolant system has to work harder in hotter temperatures. To protect your car from overheating, the coolant mixture for your radiator should be 50% water and 50% coolant