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Taking a Used Car for a Test Drive

24 April 2015 Learning Centre

Taking a Used Car for a Test Drive

Because you can’t learn everything from inspecting a still car, it’s inevitable you’re going to have to take it for a test drive! But what are you actually looking for?

Here are a few tips from our free Car Smart Buyer’s Guide that will help when you are looking for your next used car.

Before you leave:
1. Check to see how easily the car starts, especially from cold
2. Look for any smoke coming from the exhaust
3. Rev the car a little and listen for any unusual sounds or squeaks

While you’re driving:
1. Get a feel for the steering and how it responds
2. When it is safe, lift your hand off the wheel and see if the car pulls to the left or right; if it does it may need a wheel alignment
3. Listen out for strange noises such as knocking or grinding sounds
4. Test out the brakes - do they respond well?

If you would like some more tips on inspecting a used car, download our free Car Smart Buyer's Guide.
And remember, if you have any doubts, consider getting an independent inspection for your peace of mind.