Thanks for trusting us New Zealand! - Enterprise Motor Group

Thanks for trusting us New Zealand!

01 February 2021 Community News

Thanks for trusting us New Zealand!

We are proud to have been named one of NZ’s most trusted used car brands in the Readers Digest 2020 Trusted Brands Survey.

For a very long time now, we have known that our customers trust us. We get to see that every month when we welcome back over 100 returning customers, their friends and family and when we ask them how their experience was, they overwhelmingly tell us 10/10.

What makes this years Highly Commended award special for us, is that it was voted on by the general public from right across the country and not just our customers.

This year the Enterprise Motor Group turns 50, that’s half a decade of building relationships, helping families and serving the motoring public of New Zealand.

In our 50 years we have always strived to provide high quality cars, amazing service and great value. We have never been happy with the status quo and have always looked for ways to provide more for our customers.

In our earlier years we helped kick-start the import trade into New Zealand, so in the 1990’s if your car had air conditioning or electric windows you can thank us and the other pioneering importers of the day.

In the late 90’s and early 2000 we got sick of seeing warranty policies with pages and pages of exclusions, so we worked with our providers to develop the best plain English policy that didn’t have any tricky exclusions like wear and tear or betterment.

Today we still boast New Zealand best 4 year warranty, it has unlimited claims, unlimited kilometres and still no tricky exclusions. You can read more about our 4 year warranty here.

This year has seen New Zealand tackle the unprecedented events of COVID-19, which has impacted people and businesses across the country. This ‘New Normal’ for car buying sent the team at Enterprise Motor Group back to the drawing board to see how we could stay true to our roots and find new ways of bringing our customers value.

The first thing we did was make buying from home in your bubble #riskfree. We did this by introducing our new 48-hour Money Back Guarantee, this is simply and easily the best peace of mind available when buying a second-hand car online. Read about the 48-hour Money Back Guarantee here

The next thing we did was work with our finance partner CFS Finance to come up with an amazing and exclusive offer for all Enterprise customers.

You can buy any of the Enterprise Motor Group vehicles with no deposit and then pay only $69 a week for the first 6 months. (Obviously this is still subject to finance approval with full condition here ) This means your not forced to choose between replacing your car when you need to or getting on top of your finances in the short term.

You can apply for our exclusive finance offer here.