48 hour money back guarantee - Enterprise Motor Group

Money Back Guarantee

48-hours / 200 km Money Back Guarantee for contactless purchases 


We've made buying from home as safe and easy as possible by giving you 48 hours and up to 200kms to make sure you've found the right car for you! 

Because Enterprise Motor Group has been around over 50 years, we are happy to put our money where our mouth is and stand by our customers, staff and products like no other second-hand vehicle dealer. That's why our 48-hour Money Back Guarantee is the best peace of mind you get when buying a car online.

In these uncertain times, you can now buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if you change your mind or find the vehicle is just not quite right for you, you can return the vehicle for a full refund, no questions asked.

To make our guarantee fair and transparent, here are the full terms and conditions:

  1. Vehicle must be purchased online or via click and collect

  2. Requests for refunds must be received within 48 hours of receiving the vehicle

  3. The buyer must return the vehicle to the dealership from where it was purchased at an agreed time with the Branch Manager

  4. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as when it was delivered and have been driven no more than 200kms as stated on the Consumer Information Notice.

  5. If the vehicle has sustained any damage or has been in an accident, the Money Back Guarantee may not apply. If the vehicle is returned dirty, a cleaning charge of $180 will apply. All decisions about the condition of the vehicle are made entirely by Enterprise

  6. The vehicle being returned must be free of any PPSR securities except for those resulting from finance arranged by Enterprise Motor Group

  7. Any trade-ins which form part of the transaction will be held for 48 hours after delivery of the new vehicle and be returned to you as part of the Money Back Guarantee

  8. Enterprise will use its best endeavours to keep the trade-in vehicle in the same condition as it was received but take no liability for any damage or change in its condition beyond that covered by our insurance policies.

  9. The Money Back Guarantee will not apply if the vehicle has been purchased under finance unless the finance has been arranged by Enterprise

  10. Any finance agreements or securities on trade-in vehicles will not be cleared by Enterprise until the 48 hours has passed; any payments due or charges added in that time will be the responsibility of the customer

  11. Any costs you incur to enact the Money Back Guarantee are yours and will not be refunded by Enterprise

  12. Any costs to deliver the car to you (as detailed on the Vehicle Offer and Sale Agreement) do not form part of the Money Back Guarantee; this also applies to any costs of returning the vehicle to us

  13. A limit of two refunds per customer will apply in a 12 month period.