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At Enterprise Motor Group we have helped hundreds of new Kiwis with their first car loan.

Often, new Kiwis find themselves in a catch-22 situation when they start trying to get finance in New Zealand.

People want you to have a finance/credit history before they will lend to you BUT you need someone to lend to you to get that history.

We understand your frustration. You have worked hard to come to New Zealand, often you have relocated your entire family. You have ticked countless boxes to get a work visa and now all you need is a reliable car to get from A to B.

Our philosophy has always been to consider the full story and not hold ‘one thing’ against someone.

That’s why if you meet a few easy criteria there is a good chance we can get you on the road with an easy car loan.

  • Do you have a small deposit? $1,000 deposit could get you driving home in a car for $7,995 or $8,995
  • Do you have a valid work visa and have you started work?
  • Are you over the age of 25?
  • Have you converted your foreign driver licence to a NZ driver licence that lets you drive alone?
  • Have you found a permanent place to live?

If you have arrived in New Zealand on a Skilled Migrant Visa or have a larger deposit, then as long as you have a signed employment agreement we may be able to help you with a car loan before you even start work.

*As well as the above, our usual credit and affordability criteria apply.

If you would like to see if you qualify for car finance you can apply online by clicking here or by phoning one of our four Enterprise Motor Group Branches

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